Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Racist City, South Dakota

Racist City, South Dakota is starting to get the headlines because they are brutalizing American Indians/Lakota on the streets.  I wrote a few weeks ago about the young man who was in North Rapid City and the police Jump Squad showed up and the young Lakota was not going to get a beat down again with the fight and he killed two officers.  If you drive an older car with 65 plates which designates the Oglala Sioux County, you will be watched and checked over also known as racial profiling.  Most of the Lakota live on the North Side and usually the only time you see the guys in the Jump Squad outfits is in North Rapid. 
When the Old Chief of Police retired and the Mayer wanted a Mexican American the Council rejected him.  Then they put in the new guy.  Now during the LNI when thousands of American Indian families will come to Racist City, SD to spend their money and enjoy sporting and cultural events. There is a rally to protest the treatment or the police brutality, which occurs often in the Mississippi of the North.  Ok they did not want a Mexican Chief of Police which would have bridged many gaps.  I was debating a friend and we talked about the police who are trying to work their jobs.  But if you watch Rapid City Journal’s comments, there are lots of ignorant racist people in and around the Hills.  The council may or may not have had their reasons to stop the Mayor but I assure you there are many people who do not like the Indians in the Community. 
So the Rally Should happen under the United States Constituition and the Police are idiots and I believe the chief is just a puppet.  Heck the Central High School students might just join the rally.  It is all Cowboys and Indians but I assure it is not the cowboys who won the war; it was deceptive policies of the government and the killing of the food source.  Well we now have the WWW and they can stop the movement to make changes, look I do not like thugs and they need to be jailed.  But if you look at the County Jails around Racist City, SD there will be mostly Indians.  Get your head out of the sand!
There are many good people in Rapid City but I believe the police are bad because they go after Indians.  I have heard from ex-police who are Lakota and they realize even the higher ups have kept a blind eye to the treatment of American Indian Police Officers.  I am saddened when I have heard the treatment because I know when they go after the Indians on the Streets they do it with Racism.  When the Police should try to stop all the Drugs just toward Wyoming on I 90 every August they focus on the Indians.  The list can go on and on and but the facts are there and Rapid City is a Haven for Hatred.  
So yes the Lakota and Friends of Lakota should rally and we should bring International Attention to the Racist City County and the whole Town.  I like the Mayor Sam but he was fighting a beast and it is because the Land of Racist City is cursed because of the Innocents and the stealing of land, so yes Rally for Change and forget about what the White Racist City Police department wants to make happen.  We have Rights I hope you have the AP and any other news orgs that will cover the event.  It will be December 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm at the fifth street at the center or in front of the Holiday Inn!

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