Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year The Quest for Truth

Some believe I am following the Evil One, some believe I am out of my mind, but I realize I need to find myself.  Star Date 2013 is my year to find meaning and understanding.  I spent the last 17 years trying to explain to the Oglala Lakota People who God is and why it is a great place to be, in His hands.  You see, I have seen the pain of the Oglala and other American Indians.  I was told to finish my book, "Rez Ramblings: Living on the Pine Ridge as a 21st Century Injun".  My book is complete and published.  Now I am on a quest to sell the book and find healing.  I have lived on the Pine Ridge since 1979 and there were good times and bad times.  I had the honor of seeing my beautiful daughters come into the world and then I had a privalage of being my son's father.  We lost our eldest daughter and that tore my heart.  That in addition to many other things brought me to a place of unhealth.  My body took a pounding and then I started to drink wine.  Not a good choice.  Now, I am seeking to bring my health back under control.  I have been to the depths of the emotional ocean and it was dark.  I found myself going under. 
I am seeking to follow God with my heart, soul, and mind.  Seeking to follow his canku or road because mine was difficult.  I am looking to become the man God intended; so this is the beginning of my healing blogging.  If you have read this far, I hope you will also read my book.  I have taken the steps to begin my healing, and I hope to help others find their way. 

Rez Ramblings Book  https://www.createspace.com/3941671