Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bronco Burrito VS Patriot Brady Head to Head AFC Super Burrito Bowl

I have been working on selling the book Rez Ramblings and seeking to get the message out there and I thought I should Blog about the Book.  I have been in contact with some German friends and developing a network of people I believe can help me to get the Book out there in the world.  I have sold a couple of the books in Great Britain or England.  I have sought to start working on the Facebook and now here on the blog.

On Friday December 14, 2012 7am to 9am or until we sell out, we will have a throwdown at the Higher Ground Coffee House.  It is a breakfast burrito throw down with Arlo Iron Cloud.  Apparently, Arlo believes he has a better burrito than my Bronco Burrito which is a super burrito.  He has no idea about the challenge and how he will become famous or maybe he will beat me.  I traveled around the Midwest looking for a breakfast burrito because it important to start your day with breakfast.  I was in Rapid City and at the Local Christian Coffee House and I saw they had a breakfast burrito and I ordered the 5 dollar huge burrito.  It was very big, but it was also bland and I actually was upset I bought a five dollar burrito and had to throw it away.  There is nothing worse than an nasty old burrito to start your day.  Of course I am a guy who wants to have spice in my life.  I am sure people enjoy bland food but I have grown to love the herbs and spices God has given us.  The great spice race in the last part of the 15 Century brought changes to the world.  Europeans grew five Inches because they could now hold down their proteins.  The Chinese actually stayed the same height. 

Back to the Burrito throw down, I think it will be a great way to raise some awareness and some positive atmosphere on the Rez.  People can try to make a burrito but until they actually sell their burrito successfully and make some Money, I dont know if you can really enter into a contest.  But I am willing to put the Bronco Manning against the Patriot Brady and see how it goes over. 

Book update, the book is selling and has been purchased in Australia and England respectfully.  I have the book in four stores, Sioux Nation Shopping Center, Red Cloud School's Heretage Center, Oglala Lakota College Bookstore, and Prairie Edge Trading Post in Rapid City.  I am looking foward to seeing how the sales go as we move toward summer.  I am even impressed with the sales on Amazon and it is going to be great to see as people are reading the book as this blog is written. 

I had my new German friend ask me to write about the blog and tell people what it is.  I like to believe the Blog is the true stories of the 21st Century American Indian.  I take everyday stories and share from the heart, we have many people who romantisize the American Indian but it is important to know we are human and we struggle like the rest of the Humans.  One Race One Heart.