Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Race Issues Been Around A Long Time

  As you can see above there are many portraits of Jesus and people have tried to make him into themselves.  A few years ago I was thinking about a trip to DC and I visited an African American Church and found a post card of the Black Jesus.  Of course Jesus was born in Africa in a little place called Egypt but he was from Israel and most likely had darker skin than the Europeans.  Also, he probably did not have blue eyes.  When I thought about the Black Jesus I started to tell white folks they needed to embrace the Black Jesus, because Jesus was not white and it would help them to come to grips with their prejudices.  It was pretty awesome blowing the White People’s minds because they probably never thought about how their thinking affects others.   I have not been prejudice in most of my life in regards to race issues as I have seen people for people but sometimes I guess I do not like dumb people. 

                I wrote about there not being a White Savior for my Lakota people because just like in many cultures they do not like the darker skin.  Mexicans do not like to be called Indian because it is the lowest class of people in Mexico.  I cannot tell you how many times I have come across people who swear they are Spanish even though their skin is darker than mine.  It has happened because of the Imperialism and the colonization has wreaked hell upon the earth.  The greatest plague on the Western Hemisphere has been Europeans as they came and killed 100 million people who were made in the image of God.  The last 35 years I have seen how our Lakota people have treated the White Man and I am sorry to say to the people looking for the White Jesus or White Savior there is no such thing.  The White Man has his own culture and it is different from the ways Jesus walked.  Case in point is when Jesus said to sell all of your possessions and follow me.  The Rich Young ruler walked away because it was too difficult.

                Our Lakota people are generous to a fault and will help you with their last five dollars.  I have seen and they have compassion.  Wausila is a value in Lakota Culture that says we must be compassionate with others because it is our duty.   Our lives in many of our cultural ways do not need to change but we must seek to live in the 21st Century and it must be a choice of life.  When people begin to think there is no hope than death becomes real in our lives.  You will hear people talk about things not getting better it might be a sign of depression.  I assure you when the sun comes up there is hope in a better day.  We must strive to live today and not the past because the past will keep you from your future.  I have great friends around me and believe they are helping me to get through the difficult times.  Storms pass and the sunshine will be seen again and as the Winter Comes and the Spring brings life to the plants and the trees we can trust there will be better days ahead.

                I believe we must begin to talk about the racial inequality and seek justice in all areas of our lives.  The American Indians who are here today are survivors of one the worst genocides in the history of the world and I know they come from strength and power.  Truly said if you are waiting for White person to save you, it is because of the Colonization and the affect it has had on our people.  Look I am not against the White Man or Black Man, I am against Stupid and racial bigotry is wrong.  Heck some of my best friends our Non-Lakota.  So the picture below depicts the Jesus I appreciate because he truly is not White and Blue Eyed.  So the question I have for you, Can you handle the Black Jesus.  Note: If you would like read more please order a Book on Amazon, “Rez Ramblings”.

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