Thursday, July 25, 2013

White Clay Readers

I have been working on selling my book Rez Ramblings available on Amazon.  I spent my last two years of high school working on the Oglala Light, Oglala Community High School’s newspaper.  I learned layouts and wrote many editorials.  I had a great teacher who taught me to be myself.  Just be your self-Leon, was the best lesson I learned.  It is easier to just be me.  Since I wrote my book I have been working to sell the book, marketing is difficult.  I have 1100 plus people who took the time to like my Rez Ramblings page and I would like to ask you to purchase a book.  If everyone on my list bought the book it would empower me to continue to write and share my stories.

                The Higher Ground Coffee House in Pine Ridge allowed me to serve our relatives in White Clay.  I would often bring extra breakfast to our relatives.  I believe it is the greatest gift when you can give.  Give of your time and your resources and you will be rewarded with respect and love.  I believe our people are amazing and wonderful, no one is perfect.  I have been thinking about my picture above and it is awesome, because the Relatives in White Clay would tell me they read my articles.  Seeking to bring hope to a strong and beautiful people please consider buying a book.  Rez Ramblings

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