Friday, July 19, 2013

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and what you thought you could hit actually was a curve.  While living in the 21st century I realize we are young in our relationship with the European and their quest for gold.  I have often spoken about the culture of more and the American Dream is actually an idea of greed.  In the coming days I want to write about empowerment and how we can help each other.  I have worked for free for 18 years serving the Gospel of Christ, because I believe in the message.  The message of serving and giving up oneself is powerful.  My desire is to grow my company and keep writing because I believe we have a great story.  The following story was submitted to my people.  How many people can talk about their people?  I have lived an open life and have shared my thoughts and ideas and I am grateful for the respect and love I have received.  I am fighting for my life and for the story to move forward.  I thought of writing more in the Johnny Depp story but I wanted you to read what I have written to the Lakota Nation.  My life is an open book and I hope you get to read more.  the book Rez Ramblings is here and I need empowerment.  I hope you will consider helping me buy a book and if you have already done so I would hope you would buy a book for a friend.  Looking to be empowered through your help. https://www.createspace.com/3941671

Captain Jack or Tonto is trying to buy the Wounded Knee land that is up for sale.  I know there are a lot of talks in American Indian circles about The Lone Ranger and the role of Tonto, played by Johnny Depp.  Honestly, it will go down as one of the best Indian movies for Indians.  Unfortunately the story is not pro-European American and white guilt could make the movie bust.  With that being said, it is apparent some trades were not always fair.  The movie starts with trading and throughout the movie you realize things are upside down, watch for a silver mine and peanuts for a dead mouse.    I enjoyed the trade with the little boy, peanuts for a dead mouse, it really set the movie because Tonto traded and it depicts the American Indian as a person who trades.  It told the story of the White Man who was greedy and underhanded as they raided the house as Comanche and the Army killed for the wrong reason. Depp as an executive producer made all the right moves and it was a powerful movie.

                I like Pirates of the Caribbean and watched all the movies and I have to say, Captain Jack truly played Tonto.  Look, Johnny Depp is not an Indian culturally he has Indian blood and that is good enough for me; the government tried to kill off the Indian and his offspring.  I say, if Mr. Depp wants to be Indian, it is cool because we need all the Indians we can get.  I read a post about the greatest holocaust, it was not in Eastern Europe, it was in the Western Hemisphere and 100 million people were lost and their land was stolen by greedy foreigners.  I do not want to hate on the White Man or his children but I do want my story told and if it is told by a Pirate, so be it.  Johnny Depp is seeking to buy the land and give it back to the tribe.  My personal opinion is the land is priceless, because of the history.  Of course on the other side of the table you are going to find the same type of White Man trying to find his silver or gold.  I would like to see Tonto, Captain Jack, or Mr. Depp trade with the White Man and maybe it is peanuts. 

                Tonto is a great figure and because the Pirate Jack Sparrow is playing the role it has brought the Comanche and other tribal people’s stories to the forefront in American and possibly the World Media.  Once again the Lakota are being talked about and our Tribal Government is working to get this done.  I believe Mr. Depp has the right heart and wants to be respectful as he played Tonto he is not authentically an Indian but he is an actor who has always been himself.  Authenticity is a great value and I assure you the reader Depp played the role as authentically as he could.  He brought in Indian actors to play Indians and that should be praised as we are a growing people once again.  I would personally like to see a Civic Center at Wounded Knee to establish the Truth and people could hear from the Residents of Wounded Knee and it would be awesome to have a Ranger there to help people. (Just some thoughts)

                Our story has not ended with the history.  Railroads were built in the 1800s and Indian people were moved and removed.  Our way of life was challenged and we became stagnant and that has hurt our people immensely.  I see it all the time we are not flowing like the water, we are in a pond and we need to keep the water flowing.  I sense we have lost our way to use the healing of water and it is has changed us as a people.  We know the churches were sent to destroy our culture and they did a pretty good job.  But we must learn define ourselves if we are going to thrive in this century.  I see more people leaving the churches to follow Jesus.  Churches are corporations and are run like a business, even the short-term mission groups are business ventures.  It is like going on a safari so you see the wild kingdom and get to play with the Native Children.   Ok so I digressed, but I want you to know the companies and corporations bring church groups are business.  They even made a business out of Jesus.  

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