Monday, May 6, 2013

State Troopers and Police Protecting Beer Sales

The first week of May saw a beer truck attacked literally, Rez Ramblings talked to the Sherriff of Sheridan County and was told two tires on a beer truck were stabbed.  No one knows who stabbed the tires but as you can see, the police are watching over the beer trucks.  State Troopers were on hand to watch over the beer delivery.  Once again we spoke to these troopers and asked if patrolling the highways were their only duties.  One trooper told Rez Ramblings their duty was to keep the Law.  Now that brings us to a point of confusion because the people on the streets are walking around with open containers.
I was nice to the officers and respectful because they do what they are told.  But the streets of White Clay are littered with beer cans and people are sleeping on the streets in the middle of the day or they are passed out.  So commerce is protected with at least five police cars and yet the town is lawless for the most part.  I have been keeping up to date with the American Indian Movement Grassroots and have heard from both sides.  The police do not have any idea what to do in White Clay.  And AIM Grassroots believe they must stay on the border to hurt commerce in the town of White Clay. 
I talked to a business owner and heard the town of White Clay and Rushville were hurt by the people protesting on the border.  They slowed money going to White Clay and Rushville because of their protesting. 
I have said it time and time again it is a difficult issue in White Clay because as you can see the police or on the side of beer sellers because it is money that is speaks.  The overtime and the man hours is hurting the State and County in Nebraska because they are having to work more hours in this little unincorporated town in Nebraska.   I have seen State, Tribal, and Federal workers try to solve the Indian Problem but no entity has been able to even come close solving the problem. 
Historically there was suppose to be buffer zone to keep alcohol sales away from the Reservation but it is right on the border.  I have stated other times the only way to solved the issue is to start selling alcohol on the Pine Ridge but this might not work either because it would depend on the tax and cost of products on the Reservation. 
I am a proponent of making our choices because that is what happens in Nations around the world.  We need to start making decisions for ourselves and not worry about State regulations because are meant to be a Sovereign, in order to do this we must seek to regulate the alcohol coming into Pine Ridge. Most of the beer bought in White Clay comes back across the border and the Tribal Police cannot keep up with the volume.  The court system in Pine Ridge is overrun with alcohol related crimes and most of the people in the prison/jail are incarcerated due to alcohol related crimes. 

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Horace Smith said...

The United States Marine Corps is still deployed to Afghanistan to guard the Karzai brothers' poppy fields to keep them rich and to keep on addicting young Americans to heroin. So the despicable police will have to keep the beer flowing.

If you and Belva could get the contract to operate that store I would drive from Denver to shop.