Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sioux Nation Shopping Center

Breaking News: Sioux Nation Shopping Center is finished by August 4, 2013 due to Resolution by Oglala Sioux Tribe on May 9, 2013. The vote was 15 for the removal of contract and 1 not voting. Last year the store was closed due to sell rotten meat and that was the main reason for the pulling of the contract. Other reasons mentioned today were bad employment practices and food not found healthy for tribal members. 

Well I tried to work with the store but they did not trust me and now they are voted out basically as a bad white man clause. A detriment to the Oglala Sioux people. I heard people say they were bringing out of date meats from other stores and they did not properly promote Lakota people. They brought in non-Indian people to manage there departments. Well we will see what happens in the near future. 

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Baptist Buzz said...

Why wait until August 1st to run those guys out of town?