Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Glimps of Og Nash or Oglala Nation

I was busy over the last weekend with guests from Minnesota and Colorado and we had the Oglala Nation Fair and Rodeo.  It was a great weekend as I got to joke around with some people and my friend Rich from Minnesota.  We were walking around the arbor and came across a very tall Indian Woman from Canada dressed in her Regalia; I looked up at her and said you are the tallest woman dancer I ever saw.  She just laughed and was very pleasant to visit and Rich is just a little shorter than me and I called him over.  He had to really look up to her and he looked astonished because of her height.  So some white people standing in a circle and asked them if they were having, uh let’s just say a pow wow?  You know as well as I do White Americans call a circle of friends talking a “Pow Wow”.  All the Indian people were engaged and walking around seeing friends and family.  Some were waiting in line for food and most of the people were watching the dancing going on in the center of the grounds. 

The funniest thing that happened was when I told two older White Americans from Wyoming my friend Rich needed Jesus.  He actually says he is kinda Christian, his words not mine.  But it was funny as Rich has a pony tail but he is Chinese.  They tried to tell me to move closer and gather in a prayer circle but I refused and told them I do not like to be touched.  I know but it gets me out of the laying on of hands.  Oh so the old guy is talking inches from his face and I could not hear what was being said but they then bowed their heads and the old guy prayed for Rich and probably the rest of the Heathens.  Rich was funny because he said he saw the light of what the White Christians were doing when they came to the Rez.  Here is the picture from my phone. 

Hanging out at the Oglala Nation Pow Wow is awesome because you run into family and friends and it truly is awesome.  My legs were tired and had aches through Tuesday but it is fun to eat bad food and just let yourself indulge a little bit.  I love the jokes about behaving because if you end up in Jail over the weekend you might end up cleaning up the Pow Wow Grounds and I drove down there Monday it was clean.  Then on Tuesday I saw some guys dressed in Jail Garb and they were still cleaning up the mess after a celebration on the main road across from Pizza Hut. 
I am sure everyone had a good time because it looked amazing and the cars were jammed packed and you could walk faster to the Pow Wow than drive.  I was able to see some relatives and that is always good.  Took a picture with the Her Many Horses who my relatives from my dad's family.  Love Tiospaye(Extended Family)
Champion Dancers

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