Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Vision of Russell Means

I went to White Clay today and decided to pull out my camera and get some shots of people giving food and water to the Relatives on the streets.  This young brother wanted a picture with me and I have to say, I do not like to be in the photos because I like to be behind the camera.  We had some young Lakota youth with us and one of them was taking pictures with my camera and so I decided it would be ok and we took this shot.  Oh about Russell Means and his vision for me, he told me he wanted me to write, write, and write.  He sat me down in his living room and told me he wanted to see me write about the issues and continue the fight through different media.  So I have decided I needed to write since I have my computer back.  It makes it easier when you have your own computer.  I thought she took a great picture and it proves that the 7th Generation can calm the storms of pain our people have in their lives.  I saw it first had and when the youth would come up to the people they would soften.  Of course people raise money and try to use their pictures to enhance their own ministries or careers. 

 This is one of the most powerful pictures I have ever taken and it shows the generations.  She wants me to put together some photos she took and maybe she will become a great photographer but I already know she is great with the people.  He was so respectful and a great brother of mine and always greets me with a handshake and hug.  Our Youth can change the lives of people and they have the ability to make a difference.  I have seen some great things in my life but this captures the Future of Young Lakota People changing the world. 

I had the opportunity to meet a fine young Peruvian lady who has been in the United States since she was three years old.  She was praying with this Lakota woman who just lost her brother.  The Lakota Lady was seized with grief and this young lady prayed with her and it gives me great hope in the future as the young South American woman is Indigenous to the Americas.  You might ask me why I chose to take this picture, it is because I told our Youth that we must look for a picture that is special and different.  We as photographers are the artists and we must seek to help the world see what we see through our lenses. 

 My friend Jeff is sitting with the people and I let one of the girls take my camera and take this picture.  I am proud of the girls for being so willing to give out some food and water to our relatives in White Clay.  Jeff has been coming to Pine Ridge for a few years now and it feels like I have known him always.  He is a great friend and continues to work for our people. 

One of the Ladies on the streets asked me what I was doing with the photos.  I told her I they were my photos and I always try to stay respectful with them.  She told me the ministries in White Clay take pictures and get money for them.  I told her some day I would like to do a book on the faces of the Lakota people in Pine Ridge and I was hones.  I truly do not want to document the pain of our people but I do believe the youth have the key to helping the older ones find health and fullness. 

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