Monday, April 28, 2014

Water is Life


The Picture comes from Huffington Post and is a great photo and I thought I would use it because it has the capital building and an Indian, Cowboy, what looks like a hippy vest, not sure about all of those in the photo.  Mni Wiconi is an understanding that water is life.  The Government took the food source of the Lakota because they wanted us in Concentration Camps called Reservations.  Hitler's Germany did not  have anything on what America did to the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.  Both America and Canada have had gross treatments of the Indigenous people.  Now at the Risk of the Country's greatest water resource they seek to bring a pipeline through the Great Sioux Nation.  The Ogallala Aquifer is huge and a great source of fresh water for many people. It is good for people to come together and work to protect water and the earth.  Dallas Goldtooth was on MSNBC and show America his moccasins which was pretty funny.  I am developing an idea about a book about Indians and want to showcase some pictures of our people and I believe it will be at these types of events that we will be able to show America we are not Mascots. 
Recently the Owners of the Los Angeles Clippers who is really Rich showed an ugly side or Racist side  and it is really sad to see but in the end we have many people who only think of themselves.  I believe we must measure each other with our being and not the skin color.  There are good and bad in all ethnicities but we need to seek to understand we are the ones who need to be good to others.  I was reading this week and came across a chapter about our Mission in life.  It stated that our first mission is to know the God.  Second, is to give forgiveness and love, kindness, and so on...   We should all be this way to each by holding doors for each and allowing goodness to flow through us.   The last part of our mission in life should be what we love.  What brings us the most happiness while we are doing it.  Some people will live their whole lives doing something they hate.  But we as human beings need to seek what is good and lasting.  I enjoy writing, speaking, and cooking and I believe this will be my life.  Thank your reading my words and if you want to read the book, you can Find it on Amazon Rez Ramblings.

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specedteacher said...

Well said brother Leon! I like your ramblings and shall read more of them. Praying you will continue to write them down.