Monday, November 18, 2013

Best Frybread Pine Ridge Village

In the last few weeks I have seen flyers around Pine Ridge Village and I thought this is a great idea.  I have learned to make frybread and it is fun but it is truly a gift. I make yeast frybread but I have seen baking powder frybread done.  I have mostly had the yeast bread and it is my favorite.  I once went to a American Indian youth conference, I had the opportunity to help make frybread and I remember it was hard work because there were lots of us making it for a huge gathering at a Montana State University at Bozeman.  I remember the triangles of tasty bread just off the stove.  It was a great time but exhausting. 
Bread is such a great way to get to know people, I love the idea of breaking bread with people and have some great experiencing remembering what Jesus did and now we can have bread and wine to remember what Jesus did for the world.  I am going spiritual but it is ok because there are so many positive aspects of bread. 
I have learned to make different breads and have sold them at the Higher Ground Coffee House in Pine Ridge Village.  I want to have a chili and frybread contest or join one at some point because I believe I can make some great chili.  I want to see if people will get interested in doing a contest.  It will be fun and I hope we can get lots of people to come and enjoy the food. 
On another note it is great to see people take the effort and get out there and sell a product.  I believe people want to be successful and they want to share their passion.  I have believed for some time when you find someone with passion you should encourage the passion because that is a key in the life of a successful person.  So I hope to try this frybread and hopefully it will be as great as they say. 

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Sieversma Photo (Melissa Sievers) said...

Good Afternoon,

I came across your blog via a google search for fry bread and Pine Ridge. I'm working on a video series for South Dakota Public Broadcasting about food in the state. I'm looking at featuring items made from local ingredients. The series will feature restaurants and food items from across the state.

I would like to include fry bread as it has the distinction of being our state bread. I thought tacos made using bison meat and fry bread would be a great item to include. I've found that Cheyenne Crossing in the Black Hills has been noted to have a great Taco. I've also read that Cedar Pass Lodge in the Badlands makes tacos with fry bread and bison meat.

Who makes the best, that you know of? Is there another place that we should know about? Maybe an individual that makes the best for local events?

Thank you for your help. I'm excited to help people experience some of the best items in our state!

Melissa Hamersma Sievers
Associate Producer
South Dakota Public Broadcasting