Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crazy Horse Today

I have wondered for sometime what would Crazy Horse do today about things such as Wounded Knee and White Clay?  I suspect it would be a standoff and people would go to jail.  I visited the Crazy Horse Monument Mountain a few days ago and I like the idea I get in free but I have some issues with the work being done in an image of a man who chose to live selfless.  I have used the life of Crazy Horse to share with groups of people and I believe he has some life lessons for all of us.  He was born near the Rapid Creek around modern day Rapid City and I laugh when other tribal people try to claim him.  He was an Oglala and a great leader, yes he was Oglala because his people were Oglala and he is buried somewhere on the Pine Ridge, home of the Oglala.  Just a couple weeks ago I got upset because a friend was trying to claim Tasunka Witco for his tribe. 
So what would Crazy Horse do?  I believe he would stand up and let people know we are going to fight for our way of life.  It is ridiculous that a non-Oglala person came in and bought a historical piece of land for peanuts and now wants to become a Millionaire on the backs of such a ugly part of American History.  I have a hard time with understanding how someone can be so greedy but we have seen this before.  I understand if he the guy wanted fair market value but to put a price tag on the death of 300 plus people is wrong.  I believe there is a reason the land has not been developed and it is because of innocent blood.  And now the Greed European American wants to get more.  I do not believe anything will ever go well until this is made right by the United States of America. 
I hope to take some pictures and share a commentary soon because I believe we need to make our opinion heard.  My opinion is the guy should have gave the land back to the Tribe as it was unfair to come to own land by a non-Indian person.  The taking of land and resource needs to be stopped and I hope people will come to UNDERSTAND what is important and what needs to be done. 
As to the White Clay issue I believe our great leader Crazy Horse would have helped the people up and not kept looking away.  I believe we need to bring our people home and get them out of White Clay and I suppose you will see more people up there as the days become warmer.  Let's see what happens and hope for the best. 


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