Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Land of the Red Man Oklahoma

I am visiting my daughter who chose to live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I have to say it is a nice little city.  Yes there are people here who are hurting just as any other city in America.  But it is a nice little city with lots of people and traffic.  That is the difficult thing because you see so many people and you wonder how they are getting along.  Last night I had a oppurtunity to watch a 7th grade boys basketball game and it was fun to watch.  As I was entering the gym I thought I would pull out the elder card.  I just heard Russell Means say our population is hit with a 43.5 year life expectancy rate and that is severely low.  So me being 47 makes me an elder.  Suffice to say I did not get the elder discount.  So I told the lady taking money, what about an Indian Discount and showed her my card.  She quickly responded with, You need to hold on to that you can get your kids free college.  Well my children are older now and they will not have to use my Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood to get into College.  Besides they have their own CDIB card.  Oh to be in the Land of the Red Man, Oklahoma is where you do not know exacly who is Indian. 

I finished the conversation with, you should buy my book and she reminded me she was a teacher and would have to wait for it to come to the library.   I am always trying to sell my book because I believe it is a book of stories that must be told.  Rez Ramblings >>>https://www.createspace.com/3941671

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