Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blunt Horn At Wounded Knee

Writing a blog takes time and focus and it is a diffiult task if your emotions have gotten the best of you.  I can attribute my imbalance to many things but in the end it is my own issues that I need to overcome.  I must remember my grandparents and the struggles they walked through in the past.  I have thought of John Blunt Horn who was is my great great grandfather.  He lived as an Ikce Wicasa or a Common Man and did not do anything of valor or anything that would make anything other than just a man.  He fought in the battles against the United States and other tribes.  He Wetoka was what his family called him.  A few years ago I was sitting with my mother and she told me I should take the name of Blunt Horn.  In my youth and ignorance I did not realize what she was saying until after she crossed over to the next world.  She was wanting me to have a Lakota name and in her own way was sharing her thoughts about me.  It is such an honor for me to be able to take the name of He Wotoka, he was more than a
man and it was how he seemed to be satisfied with his own life.  While doing extensive research about the Lakota culture as well as the history, I came across the James R. Walker books.  Walker wrote from a medical perspective and used the Lakota people for sources.  John Blunt Horn was living his life as a Lakota and was a lay leader in the Episcopol church.  I was not the first follower of Christ in my family.  John Blunt Horn my great great grandfather rang a bell for the people who lost their lives to the 7th Cavalry on December 29, 1890.  On the current gravesite sat the big guns and women and children were found miles aways as they were hunted down like animals.  It is sad to note, many of Big Foot's people were Christian had put their faith in Jesus.  It is difficult to not be upset with the way America has treated our ancestors. 
My life has not been easy but it clear our people have lived more difficult lives.  I have taken the name of Blunt Horn because of my mother and my uncle's approval.  It an honor to begin the Spring time with an understanding of my history and culture. 

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Susan Omanson said...

Your great great grandfather was much more than a common man...so are you. So do I call Leon Blunt Horn or Leon Matthews? Either name is full of honor.